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About Us

--------------------------     Our Philosophy

Shopping for vintage clothing was just two decades ago for the budget concious and the artistic outcasts.

Today, wearing vintage clothing is a strong fashion statement that screams individualism and all around coolness.  

Styles that were once considered "dated" are being brought back to life, and we are no longer letting designers dictate what we should or should not be wearing each season.  

We opened this store because we wanted what no one else has.

It is about running away from fashion dogma and showing the world that like the vintage piece you are wearing, you are a one of a kind. 

It is about inventing and defying a trend, not following one

There are a ton of awesome benefits of shopping for vintage clothing.  First of all, the quality, workmanship, and detailing is second to none. Most vintage clothing especially anything before the 50s was hand sewn by a dressmaker. Also, the fabrics used in vintage clothing are more durable then the mass produced clothing we see in shopping malls and large corporate retailers today.  Most fabrics used to make vintage clothing either aren't around anymore or can only be found on todays couture garments which shows how expensive and intricately designed they really are. 

The immaculate detailing, eccentric and cutting edge designs, and unique cut and fit of vintage clothing simply cannot be replicated today.    

In our modern vintage boutique you'll see beautiful beads and sequins that are prominent in 80s fashion and slim, mod mini dresses that just slip onto your body like a glove. 

       Finding these beautiful treasures today out there is getting harder and harder. The demand for vintage clothing has sky-rocketed and everyone is fighting for the glamour that is vintage.               

Red Rose Vintage is a place where you can come and be yourself. You can be anyone you want to be.  Our professional team of expert vintage buyers have a trained eye and travel to great lengths to bring you the best of whats around.

 All of our garments are curated to meet our aesthetic of maintaining a mega babe mentality, effortlessly cool attitude,

and true style royalty.

All of our vintage clothing is double inspected and cleaned individually by a professional before it is listed for sale and our authentic collection of vintage clothing is of the absolute best quality and condition.   

All of the vintage you see on our website ranging from the roaring 20s to the eclectic designs in 80s fashion are styled to show you how easy it is to incorporate vintage clothing into your own modern wardrobe.

We style our pieces using clothing that is readily accessible at your favorite corporate retail stores in order to show you how you can easily and effortlessly add a piece of vintage clothing to transform an everyday outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. 


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