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Being friendly to the earth is the coolest thing you could ever do.

We are proud to be a green company. Every item sold on our website is 100% recycled.  By shopping and wearing vintage clothing, you are helping us continue to recycle while helping reduce landfill waste and air pollution.


 Did You Know . . .

  • Every one pair of vintage jeans you buy saves 10,000 pounds of water, 4 ounces of pesticides, 1/2 a pound of fertalizer, and 6 pounds of carbon emissions. Think about that for a second, ten thousand pounds of water you'll help save by buying one pair of vintage jeans. Crazy!  


  • Gallon after gallon of chemicals and dyes are poured into our water supply during the process of manufacturing clothing. This is the water we drink, and all kinds of nasty chemicals are being poured in it every time new clothing is made. 


  • Every year, an average of 11.8 million tons of clothing are thrown away.

What the . . .   


  • You know how much energy is used to produce vintage clothing? Yup, zero.


  • By shopping at our store online, you are reducing your carbon footprint by 30% simply for not driving to the mall.




  • We also use far less energy than a traditional retail store without all the lights, heating, bells, and whistles.  

    Let's Keep Going!

Every single piece of vintage is cleaned using organic, all-natural and eco-friendly cleaner.


And we use recycled paper to wrap up your package. So you can rest easy knowing you are shopping from a company that supports the enviornment, keeps you healthy, and keeps you looking completely cool and comfortable. 



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