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In The Making

From Start To Finish

An inside look at our buying process and how we get stuff done.

              Research & Inspiration 

We love used bookstores. Like, it might be a problem. We are constantly researching vintage fashion and love learning about unique styles of each era. Our office is like one big vintage fashion library. Shh, keep your voice down.

Trends were so last year. 

Everyday, we take time to  sit around for a while and look at whats trendy. Um, yeah... no. We don't do that at all. Everything we have is vintage, so it's always trendy.

 Seek & YoShall Find               

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. . .Wait,  just kidding.

The pieces featured in our collection come from all around the world. Somewhere, right this very second, one of our buyers is out there searching through thousands of vintage pieces to bring you the best of what's around. 

 Cross My Heart           

 If we wouldnt wear it, we wont sell it. Each one of our pieces are double inspected before they are sent out to you. 


                                        Squeaky Clean

Once we find & inspect the pieces we like we get them professionally cleaned so when you get your order it is ready to wear.     

                    Off We Go!

Then we wrap it up all nice & send it off to you so you can begin looking and feeling totally awesome.


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