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For the seven years I’ve lived here, it’s always been a dream of mine to have a permanent retail store in Charleston. 

The summer of 2015, I gathered every penny I had, and bought a 1976 Airstream RV, and with the help of my dad and many others, turned it into an epic vintage clothing shop on wheels.

Housed with the sickest collection of vintage known to man...We've created a super cool & convenient shopping experience, in a non-traditional setting. 


Here is our summer pop-up schedule:

Guys, It's too damn hot. We don't normally go out for pop-ups in the Charleston summertime due to the intense heat. But you can totally come check out the Airstream downtown and shop anytime you'd like. Simply shoot us a message via email or on any of our social media platforms or give us a call.

When you reach out to us, we will give you the location of our shop and can set up a time for you to come by and shop our sweet vintage collection with no minimum spend!





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